Brothers and Sisters,

I consider it a privilege to share with you what the Lord is doing in our lives and the burden for ministry He has placed in us. These past years in Washington State have been a blessing as well as a time for learning and serving. Our family has grown to the robust number of eight. I have completed two theological degrees and serve as an elder in our local church. The Lord has given me an evening job at UPS. Leah has been nurturing six energetic boys and loves caring for those in our church family. Throughout these busy years, the country of Brazil has been constantly bubbling up in our thoughts and affections. The years Leah and I were able to spend in Brazil gave us a love for the people and a desire to see the Gospel flourish there.

Put briefly, Brazil needs the good news. Brazil needs mature, biblically oriented churches that are faithfully preaching the Gospel and declaring the full counsel of God. There are faithful men, but on the whole, the theological landscape of Brazil is broad and dangerously shallow. The gospel of God’s sovereign grace is too often overshadowed by influential false teachings like the Health Wealth and Prosperity Gospel, Spiritism, and traditional Roman Catholicism.

Some of you may know that I was born in Brazil. The Lord also allowed me to work in several cities in Brazil for nearly a decade. The desire to serve in Brazil comes from knowledge of this country’s great need along with a confident hope that God could use this work for expanding His kingdom in Brazil.

The main objective in Brazil is to serve as ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor 5:20) through the proclamation of the Gospel. More specifically, the goal is to provide auxiliary support for the growth and increase of the body of Christ in northeast Brazil. Teaching, training, translations, church planting, sports ministries, and Christ centered preaching are some of the areas of work that I plan to be involved with. The central focus is to carry forward the great commission of Christ with all the strength, energy, and grace that God alone can provide.

I need you, the body of Christ, for me to able to give my life, time, and energies for the cause of Christ in Brazil. If God has allowed you to be able to give financially to this work, we would be grateful. Together, by God’s grace and provision, the Gospel will be advanced in Brazil. Some of you can visit in the future and see the work first hand. We covet your prayers as we attempt to move forward with serving for the glory of God in Brazil.

For the King,

Douglas Leaman


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