Manhood and the Cultural Crisis

Brazil Pic

It will not be controversial to say that Brazil (America as well) is in a cultural crisis. The institutions of marriage and family are in disarray. Divorce, adultery, homosexuality, gender confusion, sexual anarchy and a lack of authority are just a few of the symptoms that result from this tragedy. No society can be healthy when the family, the most basic of institutions, is in confusion. Is there hope? Yes. How can we recover?

We certainly cannot recover by sticking to the same course. We cannot blame the women and children. We do not need one more philosopher to give his opinion which contradicts the previous “great thinker.” Nor can we continue to think that every man can be a little ‘god’ doing what is right in his own mind. We need an objective, authoritative standard to guide us.

We have that authoritative instruction in the Word of God. The Biblical road to recovery is clear. Reach the men. Why? Men have the duty and responsibility to uphold the marriage and the family. They are to be the shepherds of the family and if the shepherds fail the sheep go astray. Where have the men been during this cultural crisis? Just like the first Adam, they have failed to work and protect which is their God-given responsibility.

God put man into the garden to grow and nurture the garden so that it would bear fruit to the glory of God (Gen 2:15). He was to have dominion, like a little lord, under the great King of all creation. He was to be the servant of the Lord on the earth.

When a man cultivates he nourishes, builds up, gently guides and rules for the glory of God. When he does this he is beginning to return to the idea of true masculinity. When we add the other ingredient of guarding we get the fuller picture. A man is to protect and sustain and continue to watch over and maintain what God has put under his care.

Men are to be servant leaders in many ways. Men are put in marriage and will have families. It is the heart/the whole life of their wife and children that they have the responsibility before God to cultivate and guard. It is in these relationships that they have the responsibility to see that love for God and others is maintained. A true man realizes that when there are problems in his marriage and family that he is ultimately responsible to see that they get resolved. It is a fearful thing to be a man because God has given him awesome responsibility.

To be a true man is to be a responsible person before God. When sin entered into the world it was the woman who was tempted. Whom did God call to responsibility for this? The man (Gen 3:9). Why?
Man failed to fulfill his responsibility as lord and protector of the garden.

When Christ came into the world he lived out exactly what Adam failed to do. He took the full responsibility for His bride and family. He laid down His life so that they might have life. This is the truest and best picture of spiritual manliness.

Sadly, manhood is no longer identified with Christ. Manhood has been stained and conformed to public opinion. It needs to be transformed and reformed back to the ultimate standard of God’s Word.

It is not enough to make banners and merely protest on the streets. It is not enough to tell the world that you are tired of corruption. If you really want to see the world changed then become a Biblical man, a man who knows what true masculinity is about. 

When we fail to be the kind of men we are supposed to be, it is in Christ where we can find forgiveness and restoration. It is also in Him that we learn to get back up and continue in the battle to be responsible servant leaders for His glory and for the good of humanity.




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